Although I want you to know all of what I feel, i always end up lying to you, because I have secrets I can’t tell anyone. I’m so much more spineless than you seem to think me.

OKAY THIS IS BASICALLY A FOLLOW UP TO THIS POST. These are people whose awesomeness I didn’t really meet/see until after I made that last post oAo Anyway, in celebration of 1k followers (w o w) and [almost] New Years, here are some more people I really love. (in addition to my old follow forever. <3333
tssubaki ʘ rurihijiribe ʘ takanashii ʘ sobyouu ʘ yosei-jou ʘ suumomo ʘ arash-i ʘ korumi ʘ ayuna ʘ shoumaa ʘ kiritopls ʘ hydrocosmia ʘ moriemi ʘ kawaiimadoka ʘ riseken ʘ enticing-plush ʘ kuroisama
annnd, I think I forgot someone (+some links might be broken but I’m lazy……….#゚Д゚ Let me know of any issues) . But have my blogroll anyway ~ 

30 12월 2012
반응 16개
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    DANKS BB OMG FIRST HAHA IM BETTER ~ just kidding it looks super nice thank you
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    Thank you Nadia :)
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    Senpai thank you so much!!
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